Transit Uranus goes Direct (forward in motion) January 02, 2018 EST. This will be a time of sudden innovation. All those ideas that were put on hold will suddenly come out on display for all to see. Since Uranus is still in the sign of Aries (actions) you could see sudden actions occurring around this date that deal with electricity, computers, electronics or even some major electrical storms. 

Transit Jupiter is sextile (soft angle) Pluto January 08, April 14, 2018 and September 12, 2018 EDT. This brings an opportunity of abundance to the area of minerals under the earth, big business, oil and gas exploration and prices, research and development as well as investment markets. This is a good time for expansion in these areas. 

Transit Jupiter goes Retrograde (backwards) March 08, 2018 EST. Jupiter brings us benefits and when it goes retrograde it can bring too much into our lives. In this case Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio which rules investment, big business, research and development, mining and minerals underground and the markets. There may be too much in these areas too soon. Over optimistic is the energy now….be sure to take a step back and review all the information before moving forward now.  There could some major breakups in previous power struggles.  Previous methods to deal with these issues may no longer work. This will be a time of redoing or readdressing issues in these areas.

Transit Saturn (Governments and rules/regulations) goes Retrograde (backwards) April 17, 2018 EDT. This will be a time that those in authority will review what they have in place and decide if more or less is required once Saturn goes direct in September. 

Transit Pluto goes Retrograde (backwards) April 22, 2018 EDT. Expect some setbacks in Government’s that need to make major reform. This will be a time of review and perhaps back peddling on their parts. Global markets may take a bit of a hit around this date.

Uranus enters the sign of Taurus May 15, 2018 EDT. Uranus is not the strongest player in the sign. There may be a new look for practical ideas concerning the use of money and resources. There is a need to reform the older methods that no longer work. The old school of hanging on to material attachments can hinder the freedom to find new methods that could work better now. Sudden wealth could occur now as well as sudden bankruptcy. Take care with finances as those get rich quick schemes really are too good to be real. Get a second and even third opinion before jumping into something that could quickly turn around shortly after it peaks. 

Transit Jupiter is trine (great angle) Neptune June 18, 2018 and August 19, 2018 EDT. This brings abundance to areas like film, the art of illusion, music and the arts, dreams and subconscious issues as well as areas dealing with water, medications and alcohol. You don’t have to do anything with this energy, just sit back and enjoy it happening around you. Those in these areas could receive major recognition now for their contributions. 

Transit Neptune goes Retrograde (backwards) June 18, 2018 EDT. This energy is about having to revise your dreams and expectations. There is information out there that is being hidden or kept from the masses. Don’t be surprised if they don’t like it when their ideals don’t manifest and they see them all slipping away. There may be some recalls in the area of medications, water and alcohol due to hidden issues that need to be revised. 

Transit Jupiter goes Direct (forward in motion) July 10, 2018 EDT. Jupiter brings good luck and opportunities our way. To use this energy in the most opportune manner it would be best to accept any opportunities that come your way around this date. In fact with Jupiter moving direct now you may have multiple opportunities to explore this year. Those in research and development could expand their operations now. 

Transit Uranus goes Retrograde (backwards in motion) August 07, 2018 EDT. This will be a time for review and if the facts don’t stack up correctly in the area of income and values. This may be a time of more opposition for big banks and business where their actions will be under review. There could be a sudden correction in the markets around this date. Those who have held on to the old methods will find they don’t work anymore and could receive a financial correction now. 

Transit Saturn goes Direct (forward in motion) September 06, 2018 EDT. This will be a time that Governments and those in authority will decide if more or less is required. Any rules or regulations they had constructed during the Saturn retrograde period may now be put into place. A smoother transition should occur. More governments could work together on a shared plan now. 

Transit Pluto goes Direct (forward in motion) September 30, 2018 EDT. Now will be a great time for Governments to move forward with any plans that they had previously on reform.  Interest rates may increase now as those who are greedy want their part of the pie. This in turn could cause the wobbly global economy to tip and start its slide downwards. When big business is running the governments of the world, there is no end in sight. 

Jupiter enters the sign of Sagittarius November 08, 2018 EST. Jupiter is stronger and dignified in this sign. There is a deep need to understand spiritual and philosophical issues now. People may want to broaden their horizons and gain freedom through travel to other lands or through education.  People can benefit now through legal issues, spirituality, higher education, and travel to foreign lands or through foreign people. Open your arms to new horizons you never know what new experiences you will learn about. 

Transit Neptune goes Direct (forward in motion) November 24, 2018 EST. This will be a time to move forward with all those great ideas and see your dreams realized. It will look like all that hard work was worth it. A new spirituality could start around this date. New medications could be discovered, new films on fantasy and new books that get the imagination stimulated. Good news all around. 

Well that seems to be it for the main themes in 2018. I want to wish you all a wonderful year ahead. Enjoy! Bev.