Attack On NYTC September 11, 2001

What I will concentrate on is an event chart run for the date and time; September 11th, 2001 8:48 AM, NYC/Ny.

With the Ascendant of the chart in the sign of Libra, Venus in Leo is the ruler of the chart. This fits very well with the representation of the US values and balance of Democracy (Venus) in the sign of Leo which represents the head of state or leader in their field.

Venus is also the ruler of the charts 8th house of joint resources, this is the area of finance, taxes, trade and anything that is dealt with in financial institutions. This fits very well with representing the US trade center. Venus is in the 10th house of government, and power. Venus is opposing Uranus which is retrograde in the 5th house (conjunct the 5th house cusp) of pleasure, creativity.

Uranus is in it’s own sign of Aquarius, making it strong, and is a great representation for planes and planes in flight. Uranus also rules sudden events, and sudden explosions, and is at a critical degree of 21 Aquarius 50′. Critical degrees show a teeter-tottering between two realms of experience, and must make a choice about which way to go. Hence a critical degree of Uranus signifies a crisis that requires resolution. The retrograde Uranus represents something returning, not getting to it’s desired destination, also the item in question may return in a damaged state. In this case the high jacked planes were re-routed to the US trade building (Venus in Leo), you all know the rest.

The next point of interest is that the Part Of Fortune for the chart is in the 10th house in the sign of Cancer. The Depositor for the Part is the Moon in Gemini in the 9th house of foreign interests/ long distance travel. The 10th house ruler of authority or government is also the Moon. Gemini always represents two sides or two issues. In this case foreign policy will affect the government finances.

Susan already explained about the eclipse points and these are very important here. As Mars at the time of the attack was in the sign of Capricorn. Mars rules the 7th house of partnerships and open enemies. It is also in the cardinal sign of Capricorn and at the Aries Point, of 0 degrees Capricorn, and in opposition to the Moon representing the government and government finances. All in all this attack will affect the governments finances, and how it deals with foreign policy in the future.

An Aries point triggered, brings the event to the attention of the general public, drawing in those who had no intention of previously getting involved.

Mars is the natural ruler of violence, fire, and since I have now heard some of the planes were stormed and the attendants stabbed, it rules cutting. This point brings attention through the Aries point of Capricorn, by bringing the attention of the authorities to the event. We have all seen this. This also triggers all four Aries Points in the chart, the second point is at 0 degrees Aries in the 6th house of service/ health. Certainly the heath care was and still is required for those in need. The third Aries point is at 0 degrees Cancer, which will involve issues around the home, as the events unfold changes may occur in households around the world. The last Aries Point is at 0 degrees Libra in the 12th house of hidden things. We may find out more about the partnerships behind the scenes due to this attack. Partnerships that were previously hidden from view will be brought before the public to view.

Mars is also about to conjunct the South Node in the 3rd house. The South Node brings a karmic separating quality to the events. The 3rd house deals with transportation of all kinds and communication. All forms of transport will be subject to suspicion and mobilization. Communication will be examined to find the culprits.

In this chart on the cusp of the 3rd house is Pluto in Sagittarius and it is in opposition to Saturn in Gemini. Pluto rules investigation and endings and in the sign of Sagittarius foreign issues, Saturn rules delays and blockages and in the sign of Gemini rules transport and communication. In this we see the total examination and stopping of travel from foreign lands.

I also wanted to mention that I did mention this possible scenario in my article last December for the 2001 overview on Star IQ and which I have posted on my web site. Most of what I have mentioned has occurred this year.

The last point of interest is the ruler of the 9th house of foreign interests is Mercury which is slowing down to go retrograde and conjunct the charts Ascendant. Mercury again rules travel and conjoining the Ascendant shows that some form of travel will affect the daily personal lives of the US. Mercury in the 12th house is hidden, so this problem was unknown until daily communication began to unfold telling of the sequence of events. Jupiter in the 9th house of travel is squaring Mercury in the 12th house. Jupiter expands, meaning more than one form of transport is to be used in a conflict issue.

The end of the matter is ruled by the 4th house. The 4th house cusp is in Capricorn ruled by Saturn. Saturn is making a sextile to Venus, so the US will get help offered from other foreign governments. Mercury is sextile Venus, indication the help on the transport and communication side that too will be offered. Venus is trine Pluto, and Pluto rules the 2nd house of income showing the rebuilding that will occur from the bottom up to provide a more sturdy structure for the future. Venus opposing Uranus again indicated flying for pleasure will never be the same again in this country, big changes will occur and almost immediately.

Neptune retrograde is in the 4th house of endings. There may be some illusion here as Neptune rules deceit and illusion. The reasons may never be known as to why this occurred, and there may also be some form of cover up by those in service to the government. Since Neptune rules the 6th house of service.

 My prayers go out to all of those families who lost loved ones today, sending healing vibrations your way.