2012 Galactic Alignment

A blue and white image of a spiral galaxy with a brighter yellow center.

The ‘Galactic Alignment’ is an astronomical phenomenon that refers to an alignment between the December Solstice Sun with the equator of our galaxy, the Milky Way. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, and ocurs in 2012 on December 21.

Many believe this will be a time of great enlightenment and a turning point for mankind. We will have to see how this is played out in the next few years or so. Certainly the center of the Milky Way is at 26 degree Sagittarius and contains a black hole. How will this play out as we turn towards this alignment? It is said that as the Sun comes over the horizon or rises, at 26 degrees Sagittarius we tend to be more open to our creative selves and spirituality. Having said this, will the 2012 Galactic Alignment date be a time when humanity will finally be open to other ideas, philosophies and spirituality?

This could very well be a new dawning for us all and a time of great hope. It will certainly be a time to take stock of our lives and what we are doing with them. Are we happy with ourselves? Can we look back and be proud of what and how we stood for our ideas? Is there anything that we wish to change about ourselves? This would be a great time to look within for strength to make any changes that would help us grow as an enlightened species. I wish you all good luck with the search.