Venus Returns

The Venus Return is a chart set up when transiting Venus reaches the same degree each year as the degree held in the Natal chart. It indicates an emphasis on romance, social, and income events surrounding objects of you are fond of, also in a mans chart the women around him. The Return usually occurs close to the Solar Return date.

The Venus Return is read the same as the Solar Return chart with the emphasis on the transits of the Venus through the chart. Also keep in mind this chart is only good for the length of time that it takes Venus to travel to the same degree the next year. If Venus goes retrograde at the time of the return or shortly before or after the return degree is reached, then that year may have multiple Return Charts, one moving forward, one retrograde and moving back over the degree, and the third one moving forward over the degree once Venus goes direct again, to a maximum of three. Each chart is only good for the time that Venus reaches the degree held at the time of birth.