Venus Retrograde

Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio October 11th, 2002 GMT, and represents a combination of romance and action/sex. Retrograde means going back over previous details and in this case going over previous relationships or perhaps reviewing what you want and expect in your relationships.

As Venus turns Retrograde close to October 11th GMT, you may see many couples having a few problems, or perhaps some will break up altogether as previous relationships surface and are rekindled. Generally this is a time that if a previous or new relationship is rekindled during a Retrograde period, it may very well fall apart again, once Venus moves direct on November 21st GMT..

On October 30 GMT, Venus is squaring Neptune, a hard one to resist Venus the planet of romance and Neptune the planet of illusion and delusion get together in a tight dance. I wonder who will be deluding who on this date, or who will be deluding themselves. Any person having a sensitive spot in their natal horoscope may have a hard time resisting the temptation placed in their way now.

Venus Stationary Direct

Venus is stationary direct from November 15th to the 21st, at the degree of 0 Scorpio. A planet making a station has the most potential to make things happen. Most of the planets energy is situated on that one degree for a prolonged period of time.

In this case the planet is Venus ruler of romance and love. Venus is in the sign of Scorpio which brings out intensive feelings of love and romance. In some cases the feelings may be expressed as jealousy and obsession, and paranoia in regards to your most personal romantic relationships. Again this will affect you the most if you have a Natal planet or point directly affected by these