The Square Aspect

The degree of this aspect is 90 degrees and forms a right angle between the specific planet or points that are being compared. This aspect brings friction between the planets involved and the houses they are in, that when activated, makes you act or react in the manner of the planets and houses represented. In overcoming this aspect you learn to grow. If you do not learn through this aspect the same lesson is repeated over again throughout your lifetime until you do learn.

Rather than thinking of this as a negative aspect, think of it more as a learning tool. One example is someone that has Saturn forming a square with Mercury in their chart compared to someone who has the same two planets in trine. Saturn is the teacher and tends to make the lessons we learn structured with no sidestepping. Mercury rules communication and transport and thus rules cars or vehicles. The question then in comparing these two planets, is what lessons have you learned from all of this.

Saturn trine Mercury may indicate an individual who always gets their favorite vehicle without any problem, perhaps their father gave them a car and they didn’t have to work very hard for it. Now take the second individual who has Saturn square Mercury. Well their father didn’t give them a car for sure, in fact their father may not have even known how to drive for some reason. But the question here is will they ever purchase a vehicle? The answer is yes, just not as easily as the individual with the trine.

The person with Saturn square Mercury may have to save over a long period of time to get that car, or they may have to purchase a second hand car and rebuild it from scratch. Now my question to you is, who has learned the most in relationship to these vehicles. The person with the trine or the person with the square? If you have to do everything the hard way, you tend to learn lessons along the way, as well, you tend to relate with others that you meet as you go through this learning process. If you never had to go through this, how much do you learn along the way? It is the person with the square in their chart who will get the most from these two planets. It may take longer for a result, but they will appreciate what has gone into the work, as well as the new relationships made that could help them along the way.

So do not fear the square in your chart, it is there to teach and you will get a lot out of it.