The Age Point

The Age Point is a Progression of sorts that was discovered by the Swiss Astrologer Bruno Huber and his wife Louise.  This is a point that progresses from the moment you are born, starting at the Ascendent, and moving counter-clockwise around the horoscope.  This is also been known to be called the age progression point.  On researching this point, I came across two different methods of calculation.  The first method, found in an article written by Dr. Gonzalo Pena Tamez, used the Koch house method, and move the age point by one house span, for every six years.  The second method, in an article written by Andrew J. Bevan, used any house system method of preference, and move the age point at the rate of 1 zodiac sign, or 30 degrees for every five years.

I found in the research that I did, that the second method seemed to work better in the timing of major events in a person’s life.  Using the age point, helps to determine whether each five-year period will work out to a person’s benefit, or if this would be a stressful time for them.  Using this point, you can calculate when it makes a conjunction, square or opposition with any of the other planets in the Natal Chart.  You then look to the depositor, or ruler, of the age point, depending on the sign it is in, and judge how strong the ruler of that sign, or the Almuten, is in the Natal Chart.

If the ruling planet, for that period of time is a fortunate planet, like Venus or Jupiter, and that planet is dignified, then that five-year period should be a fortunate one for the individual.  If the ruling planet is not strong, in fall, detriment, retrograde, then this may be a period of time that is stressful for the individual.  If the depositor of the age point is in an angular house, then this brings the individual forward public some way.  There more outgoing and will be moving forward during this five year period of time.  If the depositor is in a Succedent house, then the person is not as much in the mainstream public eye during this period.  And lastly the depositor in a Cadent house suggests delay, and move the person more into the background in their daily living.  They made work more behind the scenes or hidden during this period to.  If the depositor of the age point is retrograde, this may be indication of illness or weakness especially if the planet is in its fall or detriment. Many of the same rules used for Horary Astrology to determine the strength and weaknesses of a planet, are also used to judge the strength of the depositor of the Age Point.

If the depositor of the age point is opposite the Moon, then the person may need for be separated from their home or family.  If the depositor of the age point is opposite the Sun, then the person may find that circumstances around them change drastically, and they will have to start a rebuilding process.

On researching this point, I’ve also found a correlation between the age point opposing the Natal Sun, and some event(s) occurring that seem to affect the individual psychologically for the rest of the lifetime. The events that occur at this time, seemed to have a profound effect on many other levels of the individual’s life.  Looking at the Natal Charts, each individual experienced events that were described by the depositor of the age point, and any aspects to it, the house the depositor was located in, and the house that the Sun rules.

One example of this, (DOB March 06, 1955 9:44AM Ottawa, Ontario), was in a chart where the age point was in opposition to the Sun at the age of 16 years 11 months.  The depositor of the age point, was the planet Mercury exalted in the sign of Aquarius.  Mercury in the Natal chart, was in the tenth house of authority, in opposition to the Natal Moon/Pluto conjunction in the fourth house ruling the parents and home, and Natal Saturn was squaring this opposition.  The Sun in this chart, ruled the fourth house.  The events that occurred at this point time in this natives life, has had a psychological impact on the native for the rest of their life.  This individual’s father died suddenly just before their 17th birth day. Female C

The second example (DOB 24 May 1984, 11:28:17AM Kingston, Ontario) occurred when the age point was in opposition to the Sun at the age of 16 years 7 month’s.  The depositor for the age point was Natal Jupiter retrograde in fall in the sign of Capricorn in the 5th house of romance.  The Sun ruled the Ascendent, and the events that occurred at this point in time, caused the individual to change their outward appearance which is ruled by the 1st house.  Natal Jupiter made a trine to Natal Mercury, a sextile to Natal Mars, and a sextile to Natal Saturn.  The events that occurred at this point in time, involved a negative communication between the individual and a person they had a romantic interest in. The negative response they received, caused them to change their outward appearance to others all ruled by the 1st house.  On speaking to this individual they say that this encounter has still affected them to this date. Male B

The third example(DOB 19 December 1980, Kingston, Ontario), the age point was in opposition to the Sun at the age 12.  The depositor of the age point was Natal Mercury in Sagittarius.  Mercury was in the 8th house, conjunct Neptune and the Sun, and sextile Pluto. Mercury ruled the third house early education and although this person will not divulge what happened, they say the events still affects them at this time.  The events occurred while they were in early public school, and involved a yearning of a sexual nature. Male A

In all three charts an event occurred that still affects the individuals thinking to date. They still remember the incident very clearly, like it was yesterday. As the Age Point moves around the chart triggering the Natal placement of planets, events seem to occur according the house and aspects affecting the depositor of the age point, as well as the house the Age point is traveling through, and the house ruled by the Natal planet the Age point is in aspect to.

As I write this another event has recently occurred in the life of the individual born December 19th. This person’s Age point has just entered the sign of Virgo (ruled by Mercury). Natal Mercury in the chart is conjunct the 9th house cusp of higher education, and conjunct Natal Neptune and Sun in the 9th house. The Age point is in the 5th house of pleasure, and has formed a T-square with his Natal Moon/ Venus opposition. Venus is also conjunct Uranus ruling sudden events The Moon rules his 4th house of home parents, Venus rules his 7th house of relationships and co-rules his first house of self. The event was that the individual purchased an eyebrow ring, even though he was told this would not be tolerated in his parents house. He did so anyway, and now has the choice of removing the ring until he graduates from college and moves out, or to move out now and get a job to support himself. So far he has not made a final decision, but feels that college is not teaching him what he wants, so he may get a job. Natal Mercury conjunct Neptune on the 9th house cusp is definitely affecting his judgement at this time. As an adult he will have to accept the consequences of his actions, only time will tell what the decision will be. Just another example to show how the age point is triggered in the Natal chart.

By Beverley Rostant,  RMAFA, MLT

copyright@ February 10th 2002 by Beverley Rostant.