Tertiary Progressions

Tertiary Progressions: These are a variation on Secondary Progressions. Instead of one day in the ephemeris being equal to one year of life, Tertiary’s measure one day in the ephemeris being equal to one lunar month (29.531 days).

Implications: They identify the month for fundamental shifts and fluctuations in a persons life. They are a key to the exact timing of events, and the single most useful tool in minor rectifications. At major life events, Tertiary angles will be in a 4th harmonic aspect (conjunction/ square/ opposition) to the relevant Natal factors. In most cases it is to the degree if not the minute, that is how exact these progressions can get. There may be a one week error since a one degree orb or less is used, the event could occur any time within that one degree orb.

Look at most of the activity with the Angles (Asc/Mc) to the Sun.

ASC/DC: Issues that are personal in nature.
MC/IC: Issues that are public in nature.

Tertiary ASC + Mars – can indicate surgery, violence, death.

Also look for planetary stations:

  1. Connected to Natal house or house ruled.
  2. Mercury is important to track if it is the ruler of the ASC or MC——–if stationary can indicate a change of outlook or attitude.
  3. Venus stationary——-can affect values or income.
  4. Mars stationary——-gives a renewed focus of energy or activity.
  5. Jupiter stationary——indicates some form of expansion or optimism.
  6. Saturn stationary——serious, check the age of the person (older person may indicate illness or death).
  7. Uranus stationary——unexpected happenings.
  8. Neptune stationary—–depends on Natal aspects, can indicate obligation, responsibility or escape.
  9. Pluto stationary——–highly configured, strong effect.

The Moon in tertiary progressions is not usually very important, it is used for minor rectifications(measures to minor things).

Aspects to use: Conjunctions/ Squares/ Oppositions
As well can use semi-squares and sesquiquadrate.

A)Tertiary Sun in hard aspect to the Natal Sun, Mars, Saturn
B) Tertiary Sun in hard aspect to Natal Sun/Moon
The hard aspects for these are connected to illness. If Pluto is also connected it can relate to a death to someone close.

When using Tertiary Progressions look at the tight aspects:
These are best for timing events, after secondary Progressions or Solar Arc’s have been run to narrow down the time frame.