To Get the Most out of Sun Sign Horoscopes

The easiest method to read any Sun sign horoscope, is to read your Sun sign and wherever the referral is to the degrees of the Sun i.e. “those born at the beginning of the month…….etc.” is the part to highlight. Ignore the rest of the scope, as the planets will not be in the correct houses(sectors). The Sun sign scopes assume that the 1st house of the Natal chart holds the Natal Sun. This only applies to a small number of people.

Next go to the horoscope that is ruled by your rising sign (the sign that is on the 1st house cusp of the Natal chart), and this should place the planets in the correct houses to be read. In this scope, ignore the references to “those born at the beginning of the month…….etc.” as this is not your Sun sign just the rising. Highlight all the rest of the scope. Then read both highlighted horoscopes together. You may even want to cut and paste the two scopes together for an easier read.

If your rising sign is at the end degrees of sign then move to the next rising sign to read the scope, or the houses (sectors) will not line the planets up correctly. Also remember the planets that are being lined up are the transiting planets for that day or month or year, interacting between themselves, not transiting planets aspecting you Natal planets.