Sun/Moon Midpoint

The midpoint in your chart between your Sun (masculine principle)and Moon(feminine principle), is a very sensitive point in regards to marriage and romance. Any potential romantic partner with a planet on your Sun/Moon midpoint is going to have an effect on your romantic life or your marriage. Your potential mate with his or her Sun or Moon on that degree will definitely have an impact on you, you are not imagining it.

This is also sensitive to any opposition and square to this midpoint degree. So all in all if you find a romantic partner does have their Sun or Moon conjunct, square or opposing your Sun/Moon midpoint it is not all in your head, you are not imagining the attraction it is there.

The Sun/Moon midpoints are also active as marriage timers, when they are contacted or activated in transit by the outer planets Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn or Jupiter. The transits are generally activated by conjunction, square, or opposition. This degree is also sensitive to progressions at the time of marriage.