Solar Arcs

One of the talks that I went to during the SOTA conference by Carole Devine, was about Solar Arcs and how the same themes are repeated during the lifetime, but in reverse order.

There is a date using Solar Arcs that is determined counting about 45 degrees from the Natal Sun.(Using one degree per year) Most folks are around 45 years of age. If you use this as the midpoint in the lifetime, major incidence that occurred before the age of 45, seemed to be repeated in reverse order later on in life with the same angles contacted. This is using 4th harmonic aspects only. That is the conjunction (0 degrees of separation), the square (90 degrees of separation) and opposition (180 degrees of separation).

i.e.: Major Saturn/Jupiter contacts by Solar Arc bring new foundations into your life. Major Saturn/Moon contacts bring changes in family and home.

If 6 years before the age of 45 your parent died, or you lost a job etc. and the aspect was a square between Solar Arc Saturn and the Natal Moon, then around 6 years after 45 years a similar incident may occur with Solar Arc Moon making a 4th harmonic angle around that date to Natal Saturn. Take a look at your own charts to see if it works for you.

You should be able to run the Solar Arc vs. Natal charts of at

Have fun with this. Bev.