Pluto in Sagittarius 1995-2008

Pluto in Sagittarius defines the energy that is around us in this time frame. Pluto is all about hidden, secret sources, research, sexual issues, death and rebirth, elimination, and transformation, elements beneath the ground, power and control as well as obsession. The sign of Sagittarius deals with areas like religion, spirituality, foreign lands and people, openness, the higher mind, as well as legal issues.

Putting both of these together it indicates a time of religious power struggles, obsessions in legal matters which may be about sexual issues, and power and control. There is a need here between trying to keep the obsessive secrets (Pluto) and the need to expose the truth (Sagittarius). All in all it has made for a time in our lives where there have been more public exposes of top “secret” information than at any other time in our history.

Some of the top events that have occurred during this time have been the exposing of secret organizations like the Illuminati (DaVinci Code), the death of a Pope/Religious leader (sometimes Astrology is so literal), 9/11 and the obsession with terrorists, very public legal cases that involve sex (MJ), death ( Laci Peterson, and her unborn child), (Terry Schindler-Schiavo) and birth (? clones, which have now gone into hiding again).

Pluto is now moving towards the degree 26 Sagittarius 54′, which is the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. It hits that degree first on December 28, 2006 EST. It is said that this degree opens us to the greatest creativity that we could experience. One has to wonder what kind of experiences/information it will also open up to us on a global scale. Perhaps we will find out once and for all about some of the best Government secrets about visits from other planets, conspiracy theories, and the deaths of Government leaders around the world. Who knows what new ventures, secrets and information is out there for us to find out 🙂