Planetary Definitions

Sun- Authority, officials, life force, health, success, men, prominent people, superiors, employers, executives, illumination, power, ego, persons worthy of trust, men ages thirty five to forty five.

Moon- Mother, women in general, the public moods, fluctuations, changes, feelings, receptivity, liquids, fugitives, runaways, short trips, removals, lost objects, things connected to liquids or the sea.

Mercury- Writing, communication, transport, books, letters, messages, questions, buying and selling, contracts, bargaining, trips, travels, neighbors, literary or intellectual activity, young people, students, office workers, secretaries, salespersons, trades persons.

Venus- Love, gifts, money, harmony, alliances, relationships, marriage, values, resources, movable goods, lost objects, social affairs, young women, wife, pleasures, the arts, luxury items.

Mars- Sex, war, aggression, energy, haste, combat, butchers, surgeons, cuts, assertiveness, leadership, weapons, fire, iron, accidents, quarrels, danger, injury, men ages twenty-five to thirty-five.

Jupiter- Expansion, good fortune, luck, higher education, abundance, long journeys, prophecy, gambling, success, professionals, the wealthy, lawyers, judges, horses, foreigners, middle aged men.

Saturn- Obstacles, limitations, loss, restrictions, gravity, falls, seriousness, hardness, delays, aging, old people, debts, poverty, real estate, construction, time, inertia, austerity, tribulations, karma, death, loneliness, solitary people, plumbers, the father.

Uranus- Breaks, accidents, separations, divorce, surprises, awakening, electricity, the New Age, strikes, A sudden unpredictable, violent or fateful events.

Neptune- Dissolution, confusion, absentmindedness, spirituality, lack of clarity, for, undoing, drugs, alcohol, deception, poetry, illusion, unreality, mysticism, seclusion.

Pluto- Powerful forces, sexuality, penetration, the underworld, rebirth, transformation, transition, the unconscious, death, ejection.

Part OF Fortune (a point not a planet)- Money, income, possessions, lost objects, good luck, substance, treasure.