Image of a piece missing from a puzzle with a figure pushing the final piece into place.

Missing In Action – Areas lacking in the Birth Chart

Our astrological birth chart defines how we respond to life’s events.  It is a snapshot of the toolbox we are given to learn and grow. Some charts are evenly balanced while others are lacking in some manner be it in Elemental distribution like water, fire, air and earth, House location, Aspects or Qualities like Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable.

So the big question is “What does this mean for me and my chart?” The answer is, that lacking one or more of these areas creates a void and influences how a person responds to people around them and life in general.

The main thing to remember is that the whole chart it connected. Having said that; “What happens when someone lacks a certain element in their chart?” You would think that if they lack that element that they would have difficulty expressing that in their lifecycle……..but since the whole chart is connected and each element is connected to three houses in the chart, then the individual can still express that element through those particular houses no matter what sign is on the cusp of that house.

The element of Fire has ruler-ship over the first/fifth and ninth house.
The element of Earth has ruler-ship over the second/sixth and tenth house.
The element of Air has ruler-ship over the third/seventh and eleventh house.
The element of Water has ruler-ship over the fourth/eighth and twelfth house.

If someone lacks planets in one of the elements, but does have planets located in one or more of the houses associated with that element they lack, then this in turn compensates them in the chart. To actually lack an area, you would have to lack a planetary presence in both the house associated with that area, as well as that specific area be it element, quality etc.

Having said that, the lack of a particular area of the chart will affect the personality of the person in question. Someone lacking Fire in sign or house emphasis will come across as being unassertive or won’t display any enthusiasm. They just seem to not have any energy to project a forceful image even if leadership abilities are present. In this manner they tend to be overlooked in the workplace.

Those lacking earth elements will tend to have no common sense. They may lose money and valuables through mismanagement or neglect and just don’t know how to survive in a business environment.

With an absence of Air in the chart, these folks can’t grasp abstract concepts. Their thought processes are hampered and they tend to develop tunnel vision unable to see other points of view. They need to learn methods of communicating with others or will always be misunderstood.

If you see a chart with a lack of water elements, these folks have great control over their emotions and they are less influenced by any emotional factors than by ambition, security or reason. On the other hand they are unable to experience the great highs and lows of feeling that others enjoy. Logic is the personal preference with these people and you won’t influence them unless you have a sound argument.  They literally can’t place themselves in another’s shoes so to speak.

Missing Aspects in a chart indicate a lack of events associated with that aspect.  If there are no conjunctions, then there is a lack of a concentration of interest in the person. 

Having no squares in the chart bring about a lack of tension needed to motivate the person into action. How many of you get angry and then decide to do something about it……do you act the same when things are calmer. Usually the answer is no…it takes that tension and drive to change something to bring actions into being.

A person with no trines in the chart has to work for everything that they get in life. The great result is that they will know where everything came from and how to go about recovering it if it’s lost in the process somehow.

The most common missing aspect is the opposition where there is a need to find a balance between two issues.  If there are no oppositions in the chart, there is more difficulty for the person to balance issues, people and tasks.

Planets that are unaspected in the chart tend to try harder to leave their energy signature. Since it’s not working with the rest of the chart, it acts more as a free agent and isn’t influenced by other planets in the chart.

Note: This is based off an article written in 1999 by Astrologer Patricia McDonald.