Mercury Retrograde August 2003

Mercury retrograde is a good time to review, rethink, and redo. These are the three R’s of Mercury retro. It is not a good time to inititiate the areas ruled by Mercury. These are things like contracts, travel, publishing, communication etc. It is best to review your options and then move forward after the retrograde period is over.

Those who tend to have Mercury retrograde Natally will find that this is a better time for them. They are used to dealing with this type of energy all the time, and have generally set up coping mechanisms that will help them move forward over and above the others now.

Mars is still retrograde in Pisces, the opposite sign to Virgo, and now Mercury is retrograde. Both planets will be in opposition around August 6 GMT, before Mercury goes retrograde. There may be some conflict around that time between actions (Mars) and communication (Mercury).