Mercury Transits

The transits of Mercury involve communications of all types. This may be through telephones, internet, mail or just speaking to folks around you in your neighborhood. Mercury also deals with travel by all types of vehicles for either short trips or long ones as well as dealing with documentation of all types like books, legal papers, exams etc. Below I will list some regular transits that you can expect from the planet Mercury and how this energy can be expressed in your chart.

Part 1: Transit Mercury conjunct the Ascendant axis; You may have a busy day under this transit, communicating and exchanging ideas with others. It is a favorable time for all negotiations now in business dealings as you communication now is clear and concise.

Part 2: Transit Mercury conjunct Natal Sun. Your mind will be clearer now and you may feel more alert and mentally sharp. You will be able to express yourself with considerable vigor and make an impression on others if you need to. You will stand up for your point of view now and win the respect of those you need to win over even if they disagree with you. You may also want to get out and travel now, you may feel restless if you stay in on place.

Part 3: Transit Mercury conjuncts Natal Moon; Intuition should be combined with practical thinking. Minor changes to domestic routine should be considered. You can also sort out any problems with children now.

Part 4: Transit Mercury conjunct Mars; The influence of this transit must be handled with care. On the plus side it gives tremendous intellectual and mental energy. You can work with your mind much longer than usual and get more accomplished. The negative side is that you may take your ego too seriously and may speak and act as if you sere spoiling for a fight. You may feel quite irritable and become quite defensive. Try to rationalize everything and try to understand the others point of view before speaking you point.

Part 5: Transit Mercury conjunct Natal Jupiter; This is a good influence for all kinds of intellectual work or study. It is also good for contacting foreigners and travel.

Part 6: Transit Mercury conjunct Natal Saturn. This is a time that you may proceed with caution. You will be more conscious of the distinction between things, making it hard to see the forest for the trees. This can be felt in a way that you concentrate on peoples negative characteristics and overlook their positive traits. On the positive side this transit can give you great intellectual precision. If you have to do any work that requires extreme precision of thought and planning now is the time. Your mind is critical and sharp so you can see the flaws immediately in other people’s arguments.

Part 7: Transit Mercury conjunct Natal Uranus; This is a very exciting transit, as it creates a fast tempo in your thinking and communication with others. It can also signify scattered and hasty thinking. Good for solving puzzles and mysteries. Also try to avoid jumping to conclusions. It can also manifest as nervousness, so try to relax.