Jupiter Your Lucky Planet

Generally Jupiter in astrology is thought of as the planet of luck. One thing that was just said to me by an acquaintance was, they thought that Jupiter was always lucky despite the angle. This may not always be so. The basic principle behind Jupiter is one of expansion. In a natal chart, it will expand and bring opportunities in the house it is positioned in, and depending on the aspects(angles) it makes with the other natal planets. Jupiter also naturally rules the ninth house and all that is represented by the ninth house. This can be higher education, foreign interests or long distance travel, religion, publishing and legal interests to name a few. All of these areas fall under the rulership of Jupiter.

Jupiter and Your Chart

If you take a look at where Jupiter is situated in your natal chart, you will see where your focus of interest is in your life in these areas. One example is a person with Jupiter in the third house which rules communication, writing, travel, and siblings. With the expansion of Jupiter here this person may enjoy reading a lot, or be involved with communication or travel. They may also love to write, either books (ninth house issue), or letters (third house issue) or travel a lot around their neighborhood (third house) or abroad (ninth house). All of this is tied together in their chart forming how they see the world and act accordingly.

Aspects (angles) between Jupiter and other planets in the chart tell the story of how successful they are in their endeavors.

Jupiter, The Angles and You

Generally a trine 120 degree angle, is a great angle to have Jupiter aspecting another planet in the natal chart. This is an easy angle that brings benefits to one without all the hardship usually encountered. Using the same example, Jupiter in the third house of communication trine the person’s Sun in the eleventh house of groups, general public, will bring expansion and benefit to this person through communication with friends and the general public. The public will also be accepting of any writing this person does.

A sextile 60 degree angle will bring some of the same opportunities with Jupiter as the trine, but you will have to work for the opportunity, it will not be handed to you. You will see the opportunity coming but must be positioned to be available to take it. They won’t be writing the job description with you in mind as would be the case with the trine, but you will have the opportunity to prove you have all the qualifications instead.

A square 90 degree angle between Jupiter and another planet will bring the same expansion as said previously, but this will be under stressful conditions. Although Jupiter is bringing more, it may be in the form of more work, too much detail, and insufficient people to handle it all. In this respect Jupiter may not be the beneficial luck planet you thought. It will be stressful dealing with it, and you will have to learn tactics to control or stem the tide. Using the square though you will gain the most growth in how to deal with these situations as they come up, and be very successful at it.

The opposition like the square will bring more and more, it is very similar in that there will be too much work or opportunity to be able to accomplish a lot here. An example is having a lot of work or communication, and spreading yourself too thinly to accomplish the job in the detail needed. This is a balancing act you are tying to deal with. It is also something out of your control. Circumstances brought forward to you now will be from outside your usual sphere. Although you can’t control the circumstances though, you can control your actions to them.

The conjunction 0 degrees is one of the most difficult to gauge how you will be affected. This angle can go either way as a benefit or stress factor. It will depend on other factors in your chart. A conjunction means that you will have the opportunity to change one set of circumstances for another. One example of a stressful aspect is again having too much work again with Jupiter bringing in lots of opportunities, the question is do you juggle everything and try to set up some type of game plan, or do you quit and hope another set of circumstances comes up. Your choice.

As a benefit, you may not have any work or be looking for work and multiple job opportunities are presented. In this case Jupiter is a great benefit to the person and more means not too much but an adequate amount, but more than they had previously. In this case Jupiter is bringing benefits and relieves the stress from the previous unemployment.