House Definitions

House Definitions

1st house- Self, health, length of life, physical description of the person, the body, the head, appearance, disposition, personality, new arrivals, beginnings, accidents, personal interests, initiative, efforts to get ahead.

2nd house- Substance, resources, movable goods, lost objects, money, income you make yourself, values, personal worth, possessions, potential wealth or poverty, self esteem.  

3rd house- Communications, news, siblings, neighbors, neighborhood, elementary education, close kin or relations, cousins, visits, short trips, cars, roads, studies, writing, letters, messages, teachers, mail carriers, reports, rumors, gossip.  

4th house- Father, home, family, domestic issues, end of the matter, buried treasure, foundations, security, land, real estate, buildings, non-movable goods, houses, farms, wells, mines, resources of the earth, ancestry, old age, elders, the grave(ending).  

5th house- Children, creative self-expression, hobbies, speculation, gambling, lotto, risk-taking, excitement, contests, recreation, fun, recreational sex, love affairs, romance, pregnancy, pleasure, feasts, entertainment, the fathers movable goods.  

6th house- Illness, sickness, tedious jobs, detailed work, coworkers, pets, small animals (up to the size of a goat), servants, employees, services, appliances, paternal aunts and uncles, lodgers, tenants, everyday duties, Food, hygiene, healing and healers.

7th house- the mate, partner, spouse, significant other, a person with whom you have dealings but whose region is not specified by another house, opponent, competitor, open enemy, rival, personal counselor or advisor, thief, run away, fugitive, siblings, children, marriage, partnerships, divorce.  

8th house- Death, procreative sex, surgery, injury, transformation, rebirth, restructuring, other peoples money, other peoples movable goods, psychoanalysis, the occult, penetration, probing, refuse, taxes, debts, mortgages, loans, money owed to you, insurance, joint money, wills, gifts from others, legacies, estate of the deceased, investigation, the personal unconscious.  

9th house- Long distance travel or interests, foreign countries and people, in-laws, higher education, lecturing, religion, clergy, the church, philosophy, prophecy, forecasting, publishing, broadcasting, advertising, professional classes, insurance adjusters, voyages, legalizing ceremonies, the court system, lawyers, the law, weddings, science systematic organized thought, divination, dreams and visions, legal proceedings, exploration.  

10th house- Mother, authority, superiors, the boss, the government, structure, career, profession, employer, monarch, ruler, president, judge, executive, promotions, fame, rank, honor, status, success, achievement, credit, reputation, prestige, public office, officials, career moves, important jobs, employment, worldly position.  

11th house-Friends, groups, clubs, socializing, counseling, relationship with humanity, unbonded relationships, legislators, hopes and wishes, ambition, comfort, relief, praise, trust, income from career, resources of the person in authority over you, the mothers, movable goods, humanitarian activities, your business clients.  

12th house-Seclusion, undoing, personal failings, hospitalization, confinement, jail, bondage, prisoner, captives, slaves, restrictions, fears, punishment, the collective unconscious, widowhood, institutions, retreats, clandestine affairs, secret dealings, poetry, drugs and alcohol, invalids, maternal aunts and uncles, sorrows, unseen dangers, disappointments, hidden limitations, charity, animals larger than a goat.