Horary Astrology: The Missing Cell Phone

I had to share this story with you all. What a Mercury retrograde time it has been for my family so far. A couple of weeks ago my eldest son decided to tell his dad that he was going to sell his cell phone and the contract with it. My husband said not to, (the contract is in my husbands name) that he wanted the phone and to bring it home.

To make a long story short, the phone then suddenly became “lost” but was probably in number one son’s bedroom at the house he rents with 5 others… if you have seen his room you would understand why I agreed it was probably lost, while my husband was ranting that he sold it and someone was probably right now charging calls to my husbands account.

To say the least, it was a long week, with number one son not able to “find” the phone but saying he was sure it was in the house. Husband phoning every hour asking if the phone had been found yet, and then saying he sold it, I bet you he sold it. (should have made that bet with him :))

I finally had enough, went to the computer and ran a Horary chart for September 29th, 2001, 9:09:53 PM EDT location Kingston, Ontario. The question was “where is Chris’ phone?”

The Ascendant of the chart is 3 degrees Gemini 38′, Gemini rules communication and it is past 3 degrees, so I judged the chart to be valid.

Since I was asking the question, I am represented by the 1st house of the chart. Saturn is in the 1st house and retrograde, meaning that I may have a problem with the interpretation of the chart. This is true as I was not sure if I used the 5th house to rule my number one son or the 7th house. After some research I decided since I did not ask the question “where is my son’s phone” which would give a 5th house rulership, and I mentioned him by name, and he no longer lives at home, he would be represented by the7th house.

The sign on the 7th house is Sagittarius and ruled by Jupiter. This fits well as my Son is a Sagittarius. His lost phone or possessions would be ruled by his 2nd house, (which is the 2nd house from the 7th house), which is the 8th house of the chart.

The 8th house is also ruled by Jupiter, so the phone is ruled by Jupiter and it’s location would be found by seeing where Jupiter is in the chart.

Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer and conjunct the 3rd house cusp. Jupiter is receiving a square from the Sun, receiving a sextile from Venus, receiving an opposition from to Mars, and receiving a trine from the Moon.

Jupiter was not retrograde, so the phone was still in good condition. Jupiter as the ruler of a fire sign represents heat, travel, colleges, to name a few. Since Jupiter was in the sign of Cancer which rules liquids, water, plumbing, women etc. and my son’s room is in the basement of a house, I asked him to look near the hot water tank beside the furnace to see if the phone had been placed there either on top of it or around it.

Hi searched and said not it wasn’t there, but would keep looking. I also said Jupiter rules transport and it is conjunct the 3rd house cusp of travel. I then asked him to check out any cars he had been traveling in around the floor near any cooling system or heating system. Since Jupiter was conjunct the cusp it would be between something and harder to find.

He looked in all three cars he travels in but could not find the phone. We then went to the phone company to see what we could do about the contract etc. I won’t go into this one.

As we were just about to phone the number to put the contract on hold, I received a call yesterday from a nice woman asking if anyone had lost something a couple of weeks ago. I asked her if it looked like a phone and she laughed.

In the end we got the phone back. When looking at the chart again the Moon rules the 3rd house of transport. The Moon is in the 11th house of the general public. The woman who phoned worked for the public transport office in the city (Bus). The Moon was applying a trine from the 11th house of the general public to Jupiter conjunct the 3rd house cusp. There is almost 4 degrees difference between the degrees of the Moon and Jupiter. I ran the chart on the 29th PM and received the call early Thursday morning the 4th a difference of about 4 days.

The Sun(4th house ruler of parents) in Libra (husband is a Libra) was squaring Jupiter. Husband was very angry with number one son during all of this, accused him of selling the phone for his own profit.

Mars was opposing Jupiter, Mars rules men in uniform like police, armed forces, firemen, and bus drivers. I think the phone was very close to being given to the police to either confiscate or locate the owner. I also do not think the transit people were too thrilled with having to go through all this work to find the owners. Mars rules the 12th house of hidden things, but Venus also rules the 12th house and Venus is making a sextile to Jupiter. There may have been some give and take behind the scenes that we are unaware of in regards to the phone.

The last little tidbit that blew my son and his friends away, his phone was on a vehicle he uses daily to go back and forth to college on(Jupiter conjunct the 3rd house cusp), when he asked for directions to the transit office to pick up the phone… it is located right beside the Public Utilities Building for the city (the ones in charge of supplying gas for the furnaces and water to the city…. represented by Jupiter and Cancer). Go figure.