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Electional Astrology

Many people know that they want to do something new, but they don’t know when to start. Electional Astrology is all about the art of timing an event. This is so that the final outcome will be beneficial to the person starting the venture, and it will have a successful outcome. An Electional chart is used to choose the most appropriate time to begin something. This is so that you will have an advantage in the matter.

The rules to set up these charts, have their foundation in Horary Astrology, which is the art of answering a question from the analysis of a chart drawn for the precise moment in which the question is asked. Within this chart, is the answer to the question, as well as the circumstances around the question.

For the Electional chart, you select the location for the place where the event will occur at a certain time in the future. The timing for the Electional chart is set by the finality of the event. This may be when a lease is signed, when you file legal papers, sign for a home etc. After this finality you lose control of the circumstances and events “happen” out of your control. You want a chart where you have that final control of the events. This is the timing of the chart to start something new.

When trying to determine the best time for a matter you want the chart house and natural rulers to be strong and well fortified. The house rulers are the specific planets that rule the sign at the start of each house. As well the Moon should not be in any way weak in nature or aspect or house location, depending on the type of event that you are starting. There are many, many more rules to work with and no chart will ever be perfect, but you try to get the best combination that you can so that the person has some advantage and the event will be a success.