Hooked On The Facinating Science of Astrology

Anyone who knows me, knows about my passion for Astrology. I started studying Astrology seriously in 1990 and soon realized, just how much in fact I didn’t know about this fascinating science.

Originally Astrology and Astronomy were a combined study, just as math and science were once one and the same. When they separated, Astronomy kept its status in the scientific field, and Astrology slid into some abyss of oblivion, where anyone could practice and call themselves Astrologers. Unfortunately, Astrology gets bad press due to “charlatans” who claimed to be Astrologers, and do not practice the science responsibly. We have all seen the TV adds and the 1-900 numbers.

Some colleagues that I have spoken to have indicated that they feel Astrology is looked down on as “un-intellectual”, hence the reason they do not discuss it with their peers. One said her husband watched a show on Discovery, where Astrology pointed to significant world events through history, but he believed that “Astrology” couldn’t be the type that she studied for enjoyment, could it?

Most folks are familiar with Sun sign Astrology, every newspaper in the country runs these articles and they are the most widely read portion of the newspaper, or web sites. Unfortunately the type of Astrology you see in the newspapers will only fit 3-5% of the total population, individuals who are born at sunrise on that date. The rest of us will not fit what is written, so folks go off feeling that Astrology is hog wash and doesn’t work. I suggest you withhold your judgment until you have firsthand experience with Astrology being practiced responsibly. A responsible Astrologer will be certified with an agency that has a code of ethics, and have reached a level of education that they must adhere to. To have a chart set up you will need to provide your date, time and location of birth. Without all three of these points, an accurate chart can not be set up for the individual.

To counteract some preconceived notions, Astrology does not involve psychic phenomenon, or religious belief, it deals strictly with mathematical concepts and angles. Astrology can point to the energy working in your life, how and when you will react to it. Astrology can be used in generalized terms, it is not the “final word” as some would think. It is more an indication of what could be, you then decide if it “will be”, through free will. Just as a physician can tell you “ if you do not exercise or eat correctly it may lead to heart disease”, you then make the decision of continuing on in that direction, or you make the necessary changes with your life. Astrology is used in the same manner, if an event looks evident, you can make the necessary changes, it is your choice, and your life. Unfortunately most turn to Astrology only when they have exhausted all other sources and then expect it to create miracles for them, then blame it for not working.

With the advent of astrological programs for the computer, normal folks can now study this fascinating science without the painstaking work of mathematically calculating a birth chart to work with. It also allows for the comparison of multiple charts for statistical comparison and analysis.

If you are interested in the study of this science, you may wish to do some research into the work done by Michel and Francoise Gauquelin, two French statisticians who set out to disprove Astrology and discovered the “Mars Effect”. They compared Natal charts within families and found that they followed similar patterns, as would genes running through families. Their findings have not been disputed to this There has also been some great research recently published by physician Mitchell E. Gibson using a control group and research group in recording Astrological markers for different illnesses.

As I continue with my own study and research of the subject, I am proud to say I am a part time Astrologer, and feel honored to be included in a group that contains many famous names like Pope Sixtus IV, Hippocrates, Copernicus, Dante, Nostradamus, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, William Wynn Westcott, Dr. Carl Jung to name a few that studied this fascinating subject.